‘The Best Mother’: Tegan Taggart finds just the right balance between being her sons’ best friend and teaching them life’s most valuable lessons

Tegan Taggart is curious how an old friend is doing or what’s new in their life, but she’s admittedly much more concerned about what they had for dinner. Tegan is a dietitian, so that line of questioning makes sense on a deeper level, but she is also a purveyor of food selections and simply needs to know what others are picking.

“She loves to ask people about their recent food choices,” her husband Billy said. “She loves to ask people what they had for supper, especially if they go to a restaurant. When asking someone about their vacation, her favourite question is, ‘Did you have any good food?’”

Looking back on their relationship, Billy can draw an instant connection to Tegan’s love of food and the path she chose to focus on that subject professionally. As he tells it, Billy met Tegan at a martini bar in 2008 and asked if he could buy her a drink. She said she preferred a glass of milk to coat her stomach and help with her acid reflux. 

That was a good strategy, Billy figured. It also set the stage for their food-loving life together.

“That was foreshadowing for our entire relationship as it showed her love for food,” he said. “She went on to become a dietitian and she loves to talk about food and other people’s food.”

Without question, Tegan also loves her family and especially her sons, Camden (6) and Kyle (2). She is the ultimate supportive mom who sacrifices willingly and does whatever it takes to give her boys the best, happiest life she can. Tegan is the boys’ best friend, but also knows the value of boundaries and how important they are for her kids’ future. 

Just as importantly, Tegan practices what she preaches as a mother and sets a loving, hardworking example through her own actions. The boys hear what she says and they feel her love, but they also benefit by watching what their mom does. More specifically, they can see the way she gladly puts her own wants and needs on the back burner for them.

“Our boys are into sports, and although she does not have a sporting background, she gets her hockey stick or baseball glove and participates and has fun doing so,” Billy said. “She has an ability to provide structure and provide the proper balance with play. She does this by setting boundaries and ensuring both sides are met.”

One of Tegan’s great gifts is the ability to make a statement or promise and back it up without fail. Billy is inspired by her and finds himself wanting to elevate his own game as a husband and dad to match it.

Being part of the Taggart family is to be immersed in humility and family values that are so important to Tegan. They love to spend their time together on family trips to Myrtle Beach, PEI or Trinity, but also just being together watching movies or playing board games. 

Tegan is their rock in all those ways and the best mom Billy could imagine, for which he and the two boys can only express deep gratitude this Mother’s Day.

“I just want her to know how much the boys and I love and appreciate her and how she is the best mother and parent teammate I would ask for,” Billy said. the best mother

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