‘Best Mom Award’: Kim Chao is more than deserving of this award this year, as she is there for her kids, husband and everyone in between

Kimberly Samantha Chao takes her motherly duties very seriously. 

She keeps her plate full as an “Uber” mom running her three kids all over the place, making sure they get to practices/lessons and making sure they enjoy their childhood. The kids would be lost without her, as she quite literally does everything for them. 

Kim’s husband, David, knows that she is the most loving mother that their children could ever have, and he is more than willing to admit that he could not do half of all that she does. He would not know what to do without her, and he is more than proud to call her the number one provider for their kids. 

“She always puts the kids first,” David said. “She is kind, loving, supportive and very athletic – she was a college scholarship soccer player. She would do anything for kids or friends.” 

Don’t believe David? Just ask her kids what she means to them. 

“She plays baseball with me,” Davis said. 

“She takes me to cheer and on the cheer trips,” Dylan said. 

“She is my mommy and she bought me Monarch to make me happy,” Devyn said. “Thank you so much.” 

Her three children appreciate all that Kim does for them, and they are thankful that they get to call her their Mommy. 

David said that she is so devoted to her kids that she has declined some pretty great nursing job offers to make sure she can always be there for them. She does not want a moment to go by where she is not there for her kids by cutting her own vacations short, and that is what sets Kim apart from so many. 

“She is kind, funny and nice,” Devyn said. “She’s the best mommy.” 

One of the most reassuring words you can possibly hear as a mother is kind ones from your kids. Kim gets to hear these words from all three of her kids all the time, as they are never afraid to complement their mother. 

She is just such an awesome mother, wife and friend, and anyone who knows her realizes how lucky they are to have Kim in their lives. 

“She is everyone’s best friend and her social calendar is full,” David said. “She was recruited as a new member of Las Patronas, the long-standing local institutional charity. Kim is social but not a social butterfly, rather she is the flame that attracts everyone.”

Kim is always giving of her time and effort, and it is easy to see why she is as appreciated as she is. 

She is a force to be reckoned with, and David tries to stay out of her way as much as he can. He loves her more than words can speak, and he is glad that he gets to call Kim his wife and that she is the mom that she is.. 

Kim is an amazing mom and the unanimous winner of the Best Mom Award on this Mother’s Day.best mom award

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