Thoughtful & Kind: Trisha Webber Earl sets an amazing example as a kind and caring daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend

When Trisha Webber Earl is around, everyone just seems to feel a little better and a little happier than they would otherwise be without her. 

It’s a special gift she shares with her husband Jeremy and her children Finn (3), Elle (2) and Mack (6 months), but also with her friends, her siblings Todd and Emily, her parents Bev and Scott, her grandparents Dick and Judy, and many others. 

The family throws around terms like “anchor” and “glue” to describe the effect Trisha has, typically without ever stopping to acknowledge it. She can impact people because she cares at an uncommon level and invests all of herself in all of her relationships. Without fail, Trisha listens, learns and thinks about others first.

“She is uncanny that way,” Jeremy said. “You can name any member of her family, and she’ll tell you their birthday off the top of her head. That always struck me as impressive. She’s just super thoughtful. She has always been an anchor for me, and I feel so blessed and grateful that I have her in my life.”

Jeremy certainly isn’t alone in having felt Trisha’s impact or learned from her along the way. Her sister Emily has observed Trisha since childhood and seen her evolve from the “most dramatic” of the three siblings at a young age to having an unmatched eye for style, working hard at everything she does, and setting the best possible example at all times.

Emily and Trisha worked together at Nordstrom, which is where she saw her hard work and sincere respect for both coworkers and customers come to life. Trisha was diligent and willing to go the extra mile for people, which is something she has continued to do ever since.

“She showed me the importance of being responsible and completing a job,” Emily said. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, when anyone asks her for help, she drops whatever she is doing and she goes to help them.’ That left a huge impression on me and I have always tried to be like her in that way. Trisha is one of the most genuine people I know.”

Todd has directly felt Trisha’s ability to empathize, listen and be there for him. He knows it takes a special person to invest in him the way his sister did and to genuinely help him through times where he has struggled. Just as so many others do, Todd has a deep sense of gratitude for just knowing he can count on Trish. 

In big ways and small, she makes it clear that she will always stand beside him. 

“There was a time in my life where I was really struggling with some personal issues and she was there for me in a way no one else was,” Todd said. “She is also very non-judgmental. She has always accepted me for who I am and not tried to change me. She’s been extremely supportive over the years and that is something I’m very appreciative of.”

Trisha’s mom, Bev, looks back at her arrival 40 years ago, her childhood, and a time when Todd came to know her as “Wishy.” The family made lifelong friendships with the Grants, Webbers, Bushnells, and Handys and shared all kinds of experiences that Bev will never forget. 

Bev knows her daughter to be diligent and disciplined and (almost) always doing the right thing, save for a junior high walkout to Dan’s Market and a few too many tardies that landed her on the “Principal’s List.” In that case, Trisha did the responsible thing and explained herself.

“She wrote me a full page explanation of why I shouldn’t be angry,” Bev said.

Through high school, then a big move to Arizona State to study criminal justice, then as a determined paralegal who thrived under trying circumstances, Trisha has demonstrated many of the same qualities. She works until the job is done, is considerate of everyone else, and approaches everything with a positive attitude. 

“She’s preoccupied with being concerned about everybody else rather than herself,” Scott said. “She’s just a loving, giving, unselfish type of person. She’s pretty amazing.”

All of these wonderful things have had perhaps an even more profound effect on Jeremy, who describes a childhood where he didn’t always feel understood or accepted. Understanding and acceptance is all he has ever felt from Trisha, and the joy is clear in his voice as he describes how far he has come since they’ve been together.

Trisha stayed patient through 18 years of dating before they were married, and she supported Jeremy’s eight-year pursuit of an acting career. He ultimately chose to pursue a more stable career instead, but he knows Trisha would have stuck by his side no matter what. 

“She made it clear she believed in me,” Jeremy said. “Regardless of what path I wanted to pursue, she’d stand by me and be there.”

Take that support and multiply it, and that’s the way she has approached being a mother of three young children. Trisha works hard to make sure the kids stay busy, learn and have fun while also doing the lion’s share of work around the house so Jeremy can focus on working two jobs. 

Jeremy couldn’t think of a better mother for their children, a more dedicated wire, or a more selfless friend. Trisha has made it her life’s mission to be all of those things and so much more to everyone lucky enough to be in her orbit.

All of them couldn’t line up fast enough to express their love and appreciation for Trisha as she celebrates 40 years of being a person that none of them can imagine living without.

“I’ve known Trisha for over 20 years, and I will know her throughout eternity,” Jeremy said. “Somehow, I am still constantly amazed by her.” 

“Trisha’s one of the greats! Dependable, reliable rock of the family!” — Uncle Brian

“As Trisha turns 40, we reflect on her many attributes. A couple that stand out most are her abilities to shop and spend!  She is one of the best shoppers we know!  In fact, she’s so good that some people hire her to shop for them. I know she regularly shops for grandma and grandpa.  Trisha is also an excellent planner. You only need to have attended her wedding to know that about her. Every minor detail was carefully planned and charted. It was amazing. The next strength of Trisha is to be spontaneous!  She is always game to go somewhere, to do something, or to have fun. She’s the party planner and the life of the party. Trisha is family centered and loves hanging with them.  We all love Trisha znd appreciate her many strengths. Happy 40th birthday Trisha! We love you.” — Mark and Marcia

“Happy, Happy Birthday!! Oh, how we love you. I have great memories of you —soon after you were born! You were beautiful then as you are now. I remember our little ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ in a cute bathing suit and later tap dancing in a fun recital. Lots of swimming meets and fun trips to Sun Valley. It makes me so happy to watch you take your little ones to Sun Valley —our 4th generation to enjoy that favorite place!!

Trish — I love visiting with you and you are such a great help with gifts and shopping. You have great taste, and we like the same things. I am so grateful to watch you as a loving mommy to Finn, Ella and Mack. So grateful that you and Jeremy have such a happy life together in your beautiful home. Just wish we lived closer!!! May this day and year be especially happy.” — Grandma & Grandpa

“Trisha is such a wonderful mother to her three kids. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself and remember that, yes, Trisha has three kids. It happened so fast!! As soon as little Finley was born, I knew that he had been cheering on his mom and dad for a long time to finally tie the knot so he could make his way down here. Trisha is a devoted and loving wife to Jeremy and they have made a beautiful life together!! Happy, happy birthday, Trisha. I love you so very much!!” — Emily

“Trisha, thank you for being an amazing friend and sister to me. I love watching you be a mother to your children. You have amazing patience and are teaching your kids to embody the qualities you possess. As you hit this milestone, please know how much I admire you and am your biggest fan. I love you!” — Todd

“Thanks for being an amazing daughter, granddaughter, mother and wife. Those are the ultimate titles and responsibilities in life, and she just does them very very well. A dad could not be more proud and honored.” — Dad

“Trisha is an amazing, beautiful, smart woman.  She is loved by so many people. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I’m so glad she’s on this earth – making it a better place through her beautiful example of love. Happy birthday, Trisha! Love always, Mom”

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