TOP DOVE: Wendy Cerminara deserves every bit of recognition she gets for the work she does as a leader, mother and wife

Wendy Cerminara works hard as a wife, mother and physical therapist with little regard for recognition. 

She knows what’s important at home and at work, and she juggles everything to make sure she’s serving her clients, employees and family the right way. Even so, 2020 was challenging and difficult, and Wendy’s ability to navigate all of it was deserving of a little hardware. 

In addition to her roles as a loving wife to John and dedicated mother to Raeanna (15), McKenna (13) and Tessa (10), Wendy also oversees 11 offices, including one that took home Bayada’s prestigious Top Dove Award for its efforts. 

“The Top Dove Award is a big deal,” John said. “To her, it’s more the gratification of overseeing offices that are running how they are supposed to run, and this one in particular went above and beyond. She’s balancing a full-time schedule overseeing the offices and staff while still assisting with the kids’ activities and homework. She’s been a teacher at the same time.”

Wendy brought an uncommon level of focus through the many new and unprecedented obstacles in quarantining, working with her team remotely, and guiding her kids through virtual school. To know that the offices under Wendy’s watch thrived and did things the right way was a nice bit of confirmation that she handled a difficult situation with her usual poise.

In John’s experience, that’s nothing new for his wife. They’re both physical therapists who met in the workplace, started dating in the summer and got engaged less than a year later. John knows better than anyone how good Wendy is at her job, but also how much she means to their family.

“She’s very even keel with everything,” he said. “She just kind of keeps that mentality. She doesn’t get overly frustrated. You don’t ever see her getting upset or yelling at people on Zoom calls. She uses her knowledge and education, and what she doesn’t know, she takes the time to go and find out.”

The same is absolutely true at home, where Wendy plays a central role in navigating the family through any challenges they may face together. They are in Pennsylvania without much family around, so there are plenty of moments where they know they simply must stick together. 

Wendy makes that easy, and John credits her with keeping him as calm and focused as she is. Her even demeanor helps her connect as a trusted confidant for McKenna and Tessa, but especially for Raeanna, who is learning to navigate life with Type 1 diabetes. Wendy’s approach also has a way of building John up and making him a better father and husband. 

“I’m the one who gets more anxious and upset about stuff, and she obviously makes me feel more confident,” John said. “She has to be a more steady influence, and typically, the kids go to her for certain things instead of me.”

Wendy continues to play that role at home, which is more valuable than ever under trying circumstances. All the while, she has also elevated her game at work and helped all of her teams do the same. 

The 2020 calendar year was a time to step up and deliver, and Wendy did it in a big way.

“Thanks for all the support and all of the time and effort and everything you’ve put in without being asked” John said. “You know what needs to be done and you do it, which has become just part of our normal relationship and family situation. We both step up when we need to.”

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