‘We’re all so lucky’: Jenine Dreisen is a selfless and attentive mother who places a high value on family

Eric Dreisen likes to walk around cracking Dad jokes that are mostly aimed at making himself laugh. He works hard at the craft, and he doubles his efforts when he gets even a small taste of success.

His wife, Jenine, is much more tactful with her humor. Her sharp wit, like her parenting and general approach to life, is on a level that Eric can’t fathom reaching. She is much more thoughtful, deliberate and effective.

“I actually make jokes to be funny,” Eric said. “Her humor is much more subtle. She’ll throw zingers here or there. She’s always having fun and making the kids laugh all the time. Her humor is more picky.”

Someone has to be the selective adult in their relationship, and Jenine is masterful in doing it in almost every way. She is active in everything the kids do, organizes the family’s ever-growing to-do list and is diligent in helping the kids create habits that will impact them positively for the rest of their lives.

“She is extremely caring,” Eric said. “She is very honest and very loyal. She’s a great friend. She’ll always be there for any of her friends when they need her. She works hard at getting things right. She doesn’t want to do anything half-ass. She wants to do it right.”

Jenine does a lot of things right with Ryder (9) and Dylan (7), not the least of which is the effort that goes into feeding them the right way.

She takes no shortcuts and avoids the many poisons being pumped into the grocery store aisles in the form of sugars, preservatives and GMOs.

“I know they’ll be thanking her 10-20 years now that they didn’t eat all that crap,” Eric said.

Jenine also keeps track of their sports schedules, reads to the boys every night, is the “mayor” of their school and looks forward to all the one-on-one play time she can get with them. How she finds the time and energy for it is a mystery Eric might never understand.

He’s not the only one.

“She’s a legit supermom,” best friend Melissa said. “She cares very deeply for her boys and goes above and beyond to make their lives magical. She’s very hands-on and makes every effort to schedule fun play dates and activities for the boys every week.

“She always ensures the boys are happy, healthy and safe. I admire what a great mother she is.”

A great mother, great wife and great friend, Jenine is considerate and values every single one of those relationships, and she pours everything she has into them. Jenine has been doing the same thing for Eric for 14 years.

That dates back to when they first met and Eric got all kinds of signs she was “the one.”

So did Jenine.

The way Eric tells it, she called her mom after their first date and said she was going to marry him. He proposed to her almost exactly a year later and they were married about a year after that. Jenine took his breath away, inspired Eric and made him feel heard.

So many family members, friends and others can say the same thing. Her selflessness shows up in the way she invests herself in others.

“She reminds me a lot about staying true to myself and always doing the right thing,” Eric said. “She’s constantly there for me. If I need her for anything in life, she is always open to being there, listening and helping me talk it through.”

Jenine has changed Eric’s world by constantly showing her goodness. Jenine is a bright, shining example of who Eric wants his two young boys to be.

“You make me a better person. You uplift me and create such a great family for us,” Eric said. “I am beyond thankful for that because you live for our family. Without her, I wouldn’t have the family I have. I am forever grateful for that and for her being there as my rock and sidekick in life. She’s my best friend.”

This Mother’s Day is a fresh reminder that Jenine has touched the lives of so many, and they all feel grateful and blessed for crossing her path.

“I love you like a sister and cherish our bond,” Melissa added. “You are an incredible mother, daughter, wife and friend, and we’re all so lucky to have you.”

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