‘Everything Clicked’: Angie and Kevin Hento (eventually) fell in love and started building the big, happy family they cherish today

Raising toddlers might be rewarding, but it’s not easy. Neither is attending to the complex needs of a child in college or one learning how to live life as an adult.

Conquering all those parenting tasks simultaneously, day after day? A mother can only accomplish that if she’s like Angie Hento, with all the wonderful patience, love and selflessness that define who Angie is. 

That’s one reason her kids and her husband revere her so deeply. 

“It’s an amazing juggling act,” Kevin Hento said. “Everybody is such different ages — you’ve got children with college problems, adult problems and then kids needing their diapers changed. You’ve got the whole gamut of being a mother. And she does it all.”

Whether it’s 22-year-old Tatum or 2-year-old Wrenna or any of the other kids scampering around the home in need of care, Angie always provides the right thing for her children.

And she stands as the heartbeat of the family Kevin cherishes. 

Of course, it took a little time for Kevin to win his wife over. The two met Sept. 9, 2015 after some friendly texting, and Angie wasn’t ready to rush down the aisle right away. 

“She was not convinced I was the one at all,” Kevin said with a laugh. “She admits that.”

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But he’s grateful that they kept seeing each other. They shared dinners. They met at bars. They both had kids and other responsibilities, so plans didn’t always line up perfectly. That was OK — Angie could watch Kevin eat, or vice versa, if one of the two had missed a meal. They laughed, joked and shared their feelings. The bond grew. 

“Time and chemistry, that was our motto,” Kevin said. “Chemistry definitely built as we went, and we got to know each other and hung out more. We started to see how everything clicked.”

Angie and Kevin married on Sept. 9, 2018, three years to the date of their first meeting. Love had shone through. 

A happy marriage doesn’t eliminate the challenges in life, but it does provide a light to guide each person through the difficult moments. That’s what Angie has done for Kevin, through moves, job changes and every other event. 

“She’s just really supportive,” Kevin said. “We’re going through a lot of weird things in our life, especially when we moved, relocated. She got a new job. I’ve gotten new jobs, and we always kind of tackled it together and supported each other during times of unemployment. You can easily fail during those difficult times, but Angie keeps me going and keeps me happy.”

She does it all while raising five kids and working as a midwife. 

It’s clear Angie can accomplish just about anything when it involves love and support for her family. And Kevin had a message he wanted to send her on Valentine’s Day. 

“I would just like to say thanks for always being there,” Kevin said. “Thank you for being who you are.”

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