From A to Z: MyFrontPageStory introduces printing and framing services

The front-page experience through has never been more complete than it is right now.

We are proud to offer new printing, framing and shipping services in addition to the writing and design of our one-of-a-kind newspaper stories. That means more options and more convenience to find the right story at the right price.

Here’s what you need to know about the ordering process and your options:

Picking a story package: We offer a small, medium or large story that each comes with a set number of interviews. This decision really comes down to a.) how much detail you want in the story, and b.) how many people you would like to be involved in the process.

Start the ordering process now!

Newspaper design: We can do just the writing or we can transform the story and photos into your own personal newspaper front page like the ones you see on This additional fee of $24.99 covers the time and expertise of a designer to turn the writing into a true front-page experience!

Delivery time: We offer an expedited delivery option ($19.99) that gets your story completed and back to you within seven days of purchase. The anticipated time of completion for other story orders is typically about 10-12 days, which can vary based on the time of year and our workload at that time.

Prints: Our prints are sized at 13×19 inches on professional matte or semi-gloss paper.

Framed prints: Our framed prints are also sized with a visible area of 13×19 inches on high-quality black frames that have a 1/2-inch border. We currently offer do not offer other color or sizing options for frames.

Shipping: Fees for shipping and handling are built into the pricing you see on They cover the average cost of shipping to ensure we get print products to you the date you need them, no matter where you live in the continental US.

As always, questions or concerns can be sent using our Contact Us option.

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