‘SELFLESS’: Gabrielle Williams is always there for her family and continues to show she will do anything to support her son

Gabrielle Williams has faced more tests of her patience and selflessness in 2020 than anyone ever should. But through every bit of adversity, she shows with her actions just how much her husband Randy and 4-year-old son Logan mean to her. When times have gotten tough, she has shoved everything else to the side to try and lead her family through them.

A global pandemic has perhaps been tougher on kids than anyone else, and Logan has experienced some of that, too. He and his family have moved and he’s changed schools, but Gabrielle has flat-out refused to let him go on that journey alone. 

The way she sees it, everything is replaceable in this situation except for the chance to deliver when her son needs her. That’s exactly what she is doing.

“It’s been a challenging year for everybody, but she’s sacrificed and had to stay home,” Randy said. “She is very selfless when it comes to him. He had to change schools, which has been hard for him. They just have a special bond. She is juggling that with work, and basically doing whatever it takes to help him get through it.”

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Gabbi’s most valuable lesson to Logan is how deep her commitment is to him, which might or might not be clear to him yet. She continues to work hard to make sure he is as happy as possible and always moving forward. That has meant sacrificing and sometimes putting her own work or life on the back burner so she can keep delivering when Logan needs her.

They love to play hockey, build with Kinex and play “Peppa Pig.” Gabbi is hands-on with Logan in a school capacity and influences him in ways that might surprise her.

“She teaches me how to cook and how to pet a cat gently,” Logan said.

Every moment she can, Gabbi still hustles and works as hard as she possibly can as a pharmaceutical sales rep, but she also knows what’s happening right now is so much bigger than that. 

Her family moved into a new home just before the COVID pandemic struck and turned everything upside down. Gabbi has taken it upon herself to make sure that she and her boys come out the other side even stronger than they were before.

When Randy struggles to be optimistic, Gabbi projects the confidence he needs to help him keep going, too. One step at a time, they are all moving through the challenges together.

“She knows it’s just what we’ve got to do right now,” Randy said. “It’s definitely challenging, and it’s not all smiles all the time, but she knows it’s the right thing to do. Gabbi is confident and knows we’re going to get through this.”

That confidence has always been a point of admiration for Randy going back to when they first met in the hallways of their apartment building. 

“I’m still working on it, but I’m trying to be more confident in myself,” he said. “She’s a very confident woman. She knows what she wants and how to go about doing it. I usually go with the flow, but I try to be more like her in that respect.”

Randy’s mom saw the future better than he did — “You need to date that girl,” she said — and before long, he and Gabbi were hanging out and on their way to the love they share today. Randy knows his path through life would have been much harder and less fulfilling without everything Gabbi does for him and Logan. 

She gives him the confidence he needs that, as a family, they are going to push through their current circumstances and into a better, brighter future.

“I want to thank her for everything,” Randy said. “Thanks for being selfless. We are going to get through this, and we’re going to be stronger for everything she’s doing right now.”

Logan knows, too, and he always knows the answer when his parents say, “Guess what.” He replies before they can finish: “You love me.”

Gabbi might be able to guess that her little boy loves her and he appreciates everything she does for him.

“I care about her, and I love her,” he said.

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