‘She’s Amazing’: Julia Clarkson is one special woman, and everyone who knows her knows it

How a man talks about his wife says a lot about both the man and his wife.

For Kevin Clarkson, from the moment he started talking about his wife, Julia, you could tell just how much he cares about her. He talked so much about how wonderful a person she is, and when asked what he would want the premise of this story to be, he said he wanted it to be “about a beautiful woman who is a loving wife and, more importantly, the most loving mother to her two kids.”

Talk about having utter love and respect for your wife.

Kevin is not the only one who has nothing but great things to say about Julia either. Their two daughters, though young, have such an appreciation for their mother, and they are grateful for her each and every day. Julia’s family, friends and everyone in between also talk about how much genuineness and compassion she shows toward everyone, and they will tell you there is no one more deserving of having their legacy cemented for all to see.

“She is a very loving and caring person,” Kevin said. “Her family is the most important thing to her, and she does everything she can for her kids.”

When you ask someone what Julia’s job is, they will tell you that she is a law clerk for a real estate lawyer. However, they know that her passion is truly embedded into her two girls, Hannah (5) and Calla (3).

Julia puts her daughters first no matter what the situation is, and Kevin knows she is going to always be their number one supporter and their cheerleader in life. If they need anything, they know they can count on their mom to be there for them 24/7.

“I admire her love and care for her kids,” Kevin said. “I also admire the patience she has and the effort she puts in to make sure they are well cared for and getting the most out of life. She puts full effort into everything, and she doesn’t slack in life, whether it’s work, marriage or hobbies.”

Julia is truly a great role model for Hannah and Calla to look up to, not just from a mothering perspective, but also from the perspective of putting forth hard work and determination every single day, as well as working hard to sustain a happy marriage.

Julia is not one to settle for second best, and while this is very true when she is at work, it is also true when it comes to her expectations of others. She holds her family and friends in high regard, as she always wants what is best for them.

“It’s amazing to see the unconditional love she has for her family,” Kevin said. “Julia never puts anything before them and will do anything and everything she can for them. She reduced hours at work to spend more time with her family. And she’s always calling her dad just to talk and has a great relationship with him.”

Julia does not take her family for granted, and she has worked hard to maintain strong relationships with them. She shows day in and day out what it takes to be a great daughter, sister, wife and mother day in and day out, and she is constantly checking in on her friends as well.

Kevin is grateful every day that he has a wife who is as caring and compassionate as Julia, and she means the world to him.

“She means everything to me,” he said. “She’s made my life complete and I  love having an amazing family with her. I also love growing old with her.”

People like Julia do not come around very often, and that is why the people who know her hold her near and dear to their hearts.

People cherish Julia for a reason, and just by hearing her story you feel like you know this amazing woman on a more personal level. She is such a great person, and she is someone that many people in this world would be more than pleased to meet.

“I want to remind her how loved and admired she is by her husband and kids,” Kevin said. “We couldn’t do it without her; she’s the most important thing in our lives.”

Julia means so much to so many people, and Kevin wants her to be reminded of this on a daily basis. He is so glad to have her by his side, and he cannot wait to see what is in store for their future.

“Julia, you are so important to us and we want to thank you for putting up with us. We love you very much and you mean the world to us. Choosing to love you forever and ever has to be the easiest decision I have ever made.” – Kevin


She's Amazing

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