Love & Devotion: Heather Fry is a loving wife to Josh and the best mother to 18-month-old Jackson

From their first concert through the great adventure of raising their 18-month-old son, Jackson, Heather Fry has been everything her husband, Josh, has wanted and so much more. 

She is the woman who is always in his corner helping him to grow and improve as a husband, a father and a man. He owes so much of his happiness in life to her support and her unwavering focus on family.

Josh may forget from time to time, but he gets frequent reminders that it’s probably best to simply follow Heather’s lead because it’s almost always the best thing for them and their family. 

She is a wonderful, instinctive mother who loves with her whole heart, and as Josh has found out, she’s got good reasons for everything she does. 

“She challenges me … and she is usually right,” Josh says with a laugh. 

Heather is a talented woman who loves to collect antiques, and now she has sacrificed on behalf of her family to spend her time as a stay-at-home mom to Jackson. She pours all of her love and attention into her son to try and be the primary influence on his life.

If Jackson is anything like his daddy, he will come to love and appreciate the commitment Heather is making on his behalf. She goes about her business selflessly and always with the best interest of Jackson and her family in mind, loving and caring for him and putting his needs first.

“She loves Jackson and does so much for him,” Josh says. “Heater is so devoted to our family, to Jackson, and to helping me become a better person.”

All of this began with a first date to see Skillet, a Christian rock band known for their heavy style and dazzling shows. That shared experience was the first step on the road to their wedding in January 2015, which they just marked with a sixth anniversary.

Josh and Heather love the simple things in life, spending time with Jackson, and going out to eat. 

Heather has shown Josh along the way what it means to be dedicated to her family and to always make their son and their family a top priority. The whole experience has changed Josh for the better, as he aims to be the husband and father that his family deserves. 

With Heather by his side, Josh sees how much he loves this life he once never thought was possible. 

He gives all the credit to Heather for giving him the greatest gift he could ask for, and for changing his life in the best way possible.

“I never thought I would have a family, even though it was exactly what I always wanted,” Josh said. “She literally made all my dreams come true!!!”

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