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  • Robert Boling

    Thank you so much for your service and product. The gift was a huge success.

    Robert Boling
  • Dan Hoard, voice of the Bengals

    My mom loved her MyFrontPageStory Mother's Day gift! Thanks for the idea.

    Dan Hoard, voice of the Bengals
  • David York

    Just received your product. Just wanted to say thank you and you should be proud that you provide a service that brings such joy. She will never forget it. Thanks again!

    David York
  • Jason Davis

    The team at MyFrontPageStory.com was an absolute joy to work with. Nathaniel was amazing. The process was very simple and the final product had my Mother in tears of Joy! I couldn't be more happy and this will be a Mothers Day to remember for all time.

    Jason Davis
  • Alexander Hutton

    My wife was in tears - happy tears - reading our story put to paper for Mother's Day. The story that ultimately gave us our greatest blessing, our son Declan. MyFrontPageStory is a truly unique way to give a gift from the heart. Thank you so much for bringing our story to life. We will forever be reminded of how blessed we are. Our story is hanging up in our room, and it brings a smile to both of us every time we look at it. Thank you again so very much!

    Alexander Hutton
  • Casey Rogers, social media influencer

    I don't know about you, but I get weirdly stressed out with gift giving.⁣ So I was super excited to learn about My FrontPage Story, where you essentially create a fake news article about your love one, written by a real journalist who interviews you and other loved ones about what makes your recipient so special and unique.⁣

    Casey Rogers, social media influencer
  • Louis Geneos

    My Mom loved the gift. She framed it the next day and hung up on her office wall. We had traveled to Greece a number of years ago and purchased her some art and it did not go up on the wall as fast as the "thank you card" from her dog. It was a complete surprise to her. Great that I can send digital photos to you and not have to go home to collect physical ones. She really got a kick out of her gift for Mother's Day. The prompt shipping helped to make sure it arrived pre-mother's day too.

    Louis Geneos
  • Robert Singkofer

    This was a great gift and I am glad I had heard about it. My wife cried (tears of joy) :) while she read the article. Probably my best gift to her ever and the process was quick and easy.

    Robert Singkofer
  • Thanks. My wife Courtney loved it.

  • Jerry Howe

    Thanks so much. Appreciate your talent.

    Jerry Howe
  • Rob Egan

    Thanks, Nathaniel! Turned out great. Glad I heard the Ross Tucker interview on 97.1 The Fan out of Detroit. Your marketing works!

    Rob Egan
  • Jason Massopust

    Why did it take me so long to get this for my mother? She LOVED it. What a great gift idea!

    Jason Massopust
  • Christopher Conyers

    We shared this with many family and friends, they all loved it!... It made for a great weekend. I had pictured it hanging in my home office but she has it in the living room. I caught her a couple times reading it again and laughing. I correctly predicted that “It’s like living with a baby chimpanzee” would be her favorite part.

    Christopher Conyers
  • Jason Busby

    I got the printed version on time and it looked great; my wife loved it!! She was in tears after reading it. Thank you so much!!!!

    Jason Busby
  • Daniel Jacobs

    I heard you describing this gift, and I ordered it right away. I think I bit a little off of what your sister said "making us the people that we are", but regardless, she's going to lose it when she reads that.

    Daniel Jacobs
  • I got a FrontPage Story for my high school host mom. She absolutely loved it!! I really appreciated the personal touch of the written story, and I highly recommend them to people who are looking for the perfect gift!

  • Chris Lougheed

    I just had a story written for the wife's birthday. We and anyone we show it to love it.  It's a super unique gift for someone to hang in their home.  I would recommend anyone to give it a try.

    Chris Lougheed
  • Jorge Castro

    The gift was amazing Nathaniel. Thank you again for all your help. I have recommended your company to all my friends.

    Jorge Castro
  • Tyler Farris

    I thought the gift was amazing and my kids absolutely loved it. Thought you all did an amazing job. No bad reviews here and thought it was something every special person in individuals lives should receive. 8 thumbs up.

    Tyler Farris
  • Patrick Butts

    It was great! Thank you again!!

    Patrick Butts
  • Andrea Panagopka

    This is Adams wife, Andrea, the recipient of this lovely gift. I wanted to write a review to tell you how much I love it, easily my favourite gift ever received. What a great idea to personalize and capture our story in a keepsake I will have forever. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

    Andrea Panagopka
  • John Molla

    I just wanted to say once again that the Family Story for Natasha Molla was and is awesome.!! Very well done... it reads as a newspaper story, but all who read it are moved by the accuracy and realism. So well done! One of the best gifts I have ever had the pleasure of giving!! Awesome!!

    John Molla
  • Tommy Craft

    Ross & Nate, you delivered everything Ross advertises on his pod. Thank both of you; great story Nate!

    Tommy Craft
  • Jason Massopust

    After years of hearing about this, I finally got one for my mother. We gave it to her yesterday at lunch and she was crying in the restaurant. Nathaniel was great to deal with and it was a super smooth process to get the story written... Great stuff and it’s crazy that it took so long for me to get this. Would highly recommend for anyone.

    Jason Massopust
  • Bill Buckle

    This gift to my wife was simply the best gift she has received in the 40 years of our marriage. She started crying immediately and has to this day not stopped telling all her friends and coworkers about what she got for Christmas. And not only was she thrilled with the gift the smiles on our children were the best smiles we have seen when a gift was being opened. Our children were so proud of doing this for her. Thank you very much for taking all our statements and putting it into a story we can all be proud of.

    Bill Buckle
  • Richard Goode

    When my wife opened her "gift" on Christmas morning, it brought her to happy tears. Your service provides a unique product that made her extremely happy. Thank you so much.

    Richard Goode
  • Jeremy Romiens

    It was great… Nathaniel was nothing but professional, the story was phenomenal , my mom said it was “the best gift ever”, and I could not have been happier.

    Jeremy Romiens
  • Rick Cooley

    Best Christmas gift ever. Thank you My FrontPage Story.

    Rick Cooley
  • Todd Fritz, The Dan Patrick Show Producer

    Thank you so much to MyFrontPageStory.com, especially Nathaniel Chambers and Ross Tucker. Jennifer loved this unique and special recent Mother’s Day gift!

    Todd Fritz, The Dan Patrick Show Producer
  • Bob Cormack

    That’s awesome. I love it!... Thank you for the quick turnaround and the continued communication. I love the layout; the verbiage in the story and it looks great.

    Bob Cormack
  • Janine Fiorella

    I had a great experience and would absolutely recommend My Front Page Story. My siblings and I got one for my Dad for Father's Day and it was the best gift idea! My dad absolutely loved it and working with their writers was such an easy task. I was able to work with Nathaniel to portray how much our dad means to us and the story came out wonderful. Thanks so much for making this such a great experience.

    Janine Fiorella
  • Tom Craft

    So yesterday was Geri's birthday and as you promised Ross, she cried when she read it! :) Nate, you did a great job writing it!!! Thanks boys, very much appreciated.

    Tom Craft
  • I can’t tell you how many compliments I received on Mother’s Day for your second to none amazing creative writing skills... Thank you so much again for your professionalism and service; second to none.

  • Stephen Canavan

    She loved it !! Cried like a baby !! 😂👍

    Stephen Canavan
  • Brian Naftaly

    I had a great experience and would absolutely recommend. I was able to work with Nathaniel to portray how much my girlfriend means to me. I also enjoyed the process and he was very open to suggestions and gave his time and was very responsive to make it a great experience. Thanks so much for making my girlfriend's day.

    Brian Naftaly
  • Tim Rodgers

    My son sent my wife a story for Mother’s Day this year. She thought it was amazing, and completely unexpected. I can’t recommend this enough.

    Tim Rodgers
  • Rob Carlin, sports personality

    Thanks so much to My FrontPage Story for this incredible gift for my dad's 85th birthday. He is absolutely deserving of a front page story of his life. Gotta hand it to Ross Tucker for pointing out this site. It's an incredible idea for a gift for a loved one! Brilliant.

    Rob Carlin, sports personality
  • Jeremy Angle

    Looks even better framed and on the wall! Always gets a reaction when people come over to the house!

    Jeremy Angle
  • Mike Shirk

    My mom could not be happier with her present, and it was timed so I covered Xmas and Valentines.

    Mike Shirk
  • @MyCityHamilton on Twitter

    Yep #1 day of 2022! But 👀 at this #giftidea for anyone & everyone in your circle! MyFrontPageStory.com 🙌 way celebrate/remember a life by sharing as a real front page news event!

    @MyCityHamilton on Twitter
  • Brittany Purcell

    Such a fun and unique gift. We got the full package deal and the experience was so easy and the end result is an amazing story. Matt was so easy and nice to work with. He did an amazing job.

    Brittany Purcell
  • Anthony Jordan

    Excellent gift idea! Very well written; great service as well!

    Anthony Jordan
  • Amber Cruze

    My FrontPage Story what an amazing business you have cultivated!!!

    Amber Cruze
  • Amanda Blakely

    Check out the article we had written about [my grandmother] as a surprise (an amazing gift idea). A huge thank you to the incredible team at @myfrontpagestory for the epic article on an epic woman.

    Amanda Blakely
  • Scott Nelson

    I have to say that working with Nathaniel at My FrontPage Story was amazing! He made us feel extremely comfortable, and offered up front for the interview to be via phone OR EMAIL, whichever we were more comfortable with!

    Scott Nelson
  • Melanie Auchly

    My husband got me this for Christmas. This is absolutely the best gift I have ever received. I cried reading this, a good cry. Nathaniel did a fantastic job!!!

    Melanie Auchly
  • Jay Murray

    Thank you Nathaniel Chambers, and yes, she cried!

    Jay Murray
  • Lydell Baker

    Thank you so much, I’ve been telling all my bros, fantasy football homies and coworkers about your business and they are quite impressed… You saved Christmas, man…

    Lydell Baker
  • Paul Curtis

    Worked with Nathaniel and he was very accommodating. They finished and had it to me in time for Valentine’s Day. My wife had tears running down her face and she framed it and hung it next to our wedding vows. The whole experience with them was awesome.

    Paul Curtis
  • Ross Tucker, former NFL lineman, radio/TV personality

    I’ve always believed in the power of the written word and that’s why these stories are so impactful. I’ve purchased a couple for family members and their reactions have been overwhelming. It’s the most unique gift idea out there.

    Ross Tucker, former NFL lineman, radio/TV personality
  • Kevin M.

    It was the most genuine and unique present she's ever received according to her. She really enjoyed it ... I could tell it meant a lot. She's shared it with so many people and I'm constantly getting told how nice of a gift it was. So pleased with the way it came out.

    Kevin M.
  • Eric Z.

    I ordered five stories from MyFrontPageStory.com for Mother's Day - one for my wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers - and I had five different sets of tears!

    Eric Z.
  • David O.

    Matt has an easy interview style and his enthusiasm and humor made the process fun. My wife loves me way more today than she did before the article, so it is really a no brainer fellas. Plus, it's a great opportunity to reminisce and be grateful for the special people in your life.

    David O.
  • Eric Martin

    I love it. You do an excellent job. This is an amazing idea and it is a way to always keep memories alive. I am so glad I heard about this company on the radio. Thank you for all you do.

    Eric Martin
  • Mark J.

    I just wanted to thank you for the article you provided me for Mother’s Day. She loved it and cried. The service you provide is priceless. You have a great service that anyone would be happy with!

    Mark J.
  • Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL Insider

    On this Mother’s Day, we cannot put into words how much Sharri means to us. So My FrontPage Story tried to help. Thanks for the Mother’s Day gift and describing what a great mom Sharri is, per sources.

    Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL Insider
  • Steve Ramirez

    It truly is a one of a kind gift for someone that is important in your life. I hope you guys get a few more stories just from my recommendations. Keep up the outstanding work. Thank you once again!

    Steve Ramirez
  • Eric Martin

    The entire process was easy to navigate. The writer kept in contact during the entire process. I was given total control and I was asked for my opinion on every step.

    Eric Martin
  • Bob Minster

    Your strengths are obvious. Superior quality. Genuinely unique. Nothing that anyone would ever expect. A true surprise.

    Bob Minster
  • Vernell Johnson

    Thank you Nathaniel. The finished product is just what I imagined. Thank you for helping make this Birthday Celebration for our mom special. I am so very pleased.

    Vernell Johnson
  • Tim Rogers

    My son sent my wife a story for Mother’s Day this year. She thought it was amazing, and completely unexpected. I can’t recommend this enough.

    Tim Rogers
  • Henry Wilson

    It was a big hit. I had friends last night giving me a hard time because I made them all look bad… Thanks for that. It was great.

    Henry Wilson
  • Chauncey Porter

    My wife cried and loved the article you wrote! Best gift ever. Thank you! She likes it better than the Peloton that she's been dropping hints on all year. Amazing work, my friend.

    Chauncey Porter
  • Eric Sonstegard

    We had a great experience. They're flexible and want the final product to be everything you hoped for. We now have a keepsake we can look back at on our 50th anniversary. I can’t recommend MyFrontPageStory.com enough.

    Eric Sonstegard
  •  Ross Tucker, former NFL lineman, radio/TV personality

    To this day I have and cherish any stories that were written during my career dating all the way back to high school. Unfortunately, in the current climate too many of those stories are no longer being written. That’s a problem and it is one that MyFrontPageStory.com is solving.

    Ross Tucker, former NFL lineman, radio/TV personality
  • Pablo Thomas

    My mother was amazed by the detail and thoughtfulness behind her story! Truly unique and something she will cherish forever. My FrontPage Story was the perfect gift!”

    Pablo Thomas
  • Mike Matz

    Our Mother’s Day story was the perfect gift! The tears of joy and emotion we saw after my wife read the story filled all our hearts!

    Mike Matz
  • Pasquale Curra

    Matt put together a wonderful, touching portrait of our mother for Mother’s Day, which I’m certain will be remembered by our family for decades to come. Matt was a great listener, and was very personable and professional in our interviews. Thanks for all the hard work!”

    Pasquale Curra
  • Jordan Morgan, NFL free agent guard

    The interviews went very well, I thought. I was thankful to have been chosen. I felt we addressed some things the public probably wondered about.

    Jordan Morgan, NFL free agent guard
  • Graham Bachman

    We had a great time being interviewed and telling our story. The article itself and way it came out was perfect! We received a huge amount of positive feedback and comments from our friends and family about how unique it was. Overall, it was a great wrinkle and addition to our wedding!

    Graham Bachman
  • Kyle Williams

    The story became the centerpiece for my father’s memorial service. My mother practically calls me every day about it. This definitely will be a family keepsake. Seriously, thank you for making a tough situation awesome. I hope you keep doing this forever.

    Kyle Williams